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  • Woosh Faro Review

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    Manufacturer: Wisper

    Hi bike arrived a full 14 days before scheduled delivery date, much to my delight.Bike was well packed and came with comprehensive assembly instructions attached to the inside of the top flap, enabling you to, and requesting you to read before diving straight in with extraction from box.Assembly was completed without drama by myself with very limited mechanical skills, following the instructions provided.


     First short ride after fully charging the battery, about 14 miles down to the harbour and back along old colliery railway tracks made into cycling paths. Bike rolls very smooth and freely and is a real joy to pedal, feeling nice and light to handle. Many stops to adjust saddle height and reach, brake levers angle etc, obviously once set up for my preference this will only be done the virgin ride.


    This was by no means a range test as had many stops and the weather was very hot. Travelling 14 miles, elevation 640ft, riding time about 70mins, returned with 4 bars still showing after using level 1 2 and very briefly 3.
    One concern was the gears began slipping mid range when I rode the bike to the daughters garage where it will be stored, ridden without assistance about half a mile. Have read the instructions again and believe the solution is minor adjustments to the derailleur, will have a go later, fingers crossed.
    Think I have made a good choice for my requirements, very light cycle tracks and paths with minor B roads, the rigid forks proving comfortable and the seat post ironed out the worst of the surface imperfections.


    Will review again after clocking up some miles, and report on range plus component wear and tear.
    My overall view (for what it’s worth) is although not littered with high end components this bike feels light, responsive and runs very smoothly and the components used are tried and tested and in no way look cheap and nasty.
    Thanks ps bloody post took longer than the ride.


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