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  • Juicy Ticket Review

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    Model: Ticket Manufacturer: Juicy

    Reviewer: Zerodrum

    Purchased From: Juicy

    Purchase Price: 1549

    Time Owned: two months

    Local Terrain:
     Hilly - see below

    Juicy Ticket.
    Not my own bike, but same make, model, colour.

    A good looking, nicely designed bike which with a few minor changes could be an excellent buy.
    Looks great. Good price. In my opinion better equipped than its nearest competitor at this price point - the Orbea Gain.
    Arrived quickly by courier and well packaged.


    Great design, nice clean lines.
    Relatively light (for an ebike) about the same weight as a steel frame bike.
    Excellent assist levels.
    Nice torquey motor
    Good but not spectacular range - if you can afford it I strongly recommend you upgrade to the 10ah battery.
    Excellent Tektro hydraulic brakes
    8 speed Acera derailleur and shifter
    Front light runs from the battery
    No ugly battery in view
    Ability to alter the assist settings to match your riding style
    Rides very well with motor assist turned off
    UK company (frame made in Portugal). It is nice to support a local product.
    Currently supplied with mudguards and light(s)
    Great boost - Especially on my commuting hill: just over a kilometer with a 70 metre change in level and a final one in five section near the top
    Almost every bolt needed tightening when received - including rear axle 😞
    Rear brakes well out of adjustment and rubbing
    No instant assist cutout when brakes applied
    Tyres - harsh ride on the tyres supplied - I have changed to Schwalbe Marathon 38s and the ride is much improved (and less punctures)
    Controller as supplied cuts assist at 16mph (good), but assist does not return until below 12mph .
    No carrier mount points on rear stays ("34.9mm seat clamp with carrier mount" solved this)
    Paint is fragile. Looks to be powder coated and no laquer top coat; the seat tube was scratched within days, so if you wish to protect the finish be very careful and/or invest in some frame protection/wrap.
    Rear light. Why not power from the battery as for front light? The supplied part is still unused - I use my trusty moon comet(s).
    No rear reflector.
    Charging point has minimal weather protection.
    Branding... not to my taste, and makes it more of a target for the tea leaves
    Range and assist is good for my commute which is a 14 mile round trip with elevation change of approx 400ft up and down (each way). I have yet to test the maximum range of this bike on full assist mode.
    Lowest assist setting was 50% with four further levels maxing out at 96%. I was much happier after changing this to 5% 35% 60% 80% and 96%...have set minimal boost for filtering through traffic, as it can be unnerving with motor coming in.
    I have experienced the assist cutting out a few times. I am not quite sure of the cause. Juicy are replacing the controller under warranty, and also changing a brake leaver which had a stripped thread on the lever adjustment grub screw.
    Internal battery will need to be replaced eventually. If, as intended, I use this on a daily basis, the battery will need replacing in two to three years. As it an internal battery, it will not be as straight forward as replacing the (external) batteries on other bikes.
    If you buy from either of their two stores, or various resellers, I am sure they will set the bike up for you properly, otherwise have it checked over and set up at your local bike store (and get those tyres changed at the same time).
    I believe the negatives can be rectified, so do not let that put you off buying what could be an excellent, great value for money, bike from a UK company.

    I previously was riding a venerable Giant Lafree. Although it has taken some time to adjust to the change in the power delivery I am appreciating the extra "tailwind" the Juicy Ticket provides. have set lowest boost.

    Overall Rating (out of 10) : 8



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